Cowkitty (cowkitty) wrote in figure_muse,

Art Jam: Justic League

Time for another art jam! Subject this week? The Justice League!

Really, I'm just mirroring the topic already set over at the Drawing Board:

I'm hoping that will give newer members an idea of how art jams work, and maybe a little inspiration too. Any character who has ever been in the league is fair game! :D Post sketches, WIP, finals, etc
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I really like this. The pose is very nice, gives a wonderful sense of movement and her expression is quirky, kind of like she thinking do you really wanna mess with me.
The only thing I would change is the lasso fades into the bg in some places, but it's nothing really big.
Great work.
As always, your skills amaze me.

i think this take on wonder woman... usually she's almost scowling with determination. here, she's kinda thoughtful.

-loyal fan

D: I always don't like following the good artists! D: haha
Well I finally got round to drawing something. I've done a couple of face sketches, they are of Batman and Martian. I had some annoyances with my scanner software (probably messed up after years of neglect and never use). Plus I think Photoshop doesn't like being used after swapping out the monitor (the picture has a white background right?)
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Batman and martian sketch by ~supamunky on deviantART
Because I didn't wanna draw wonder woman and Zatana is neat!

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Zatana Pencils by ~silvereelve on deviantART