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Images for 5-31

This week's Images:
Darn it! Post in the wrong Journal AND late due to Memorial Day exhaustion!
[edit] AND semagic refuses to post!
[edit] semagic not working. posting manually. goofy machine...

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the second image is broken, it won't show up...
If it's not one thing: it's another... It should be fixed now.
Quick attempt at the second. It's too interesting a pose to not try.

Deleted comment

What I did with mine was the flip the drawing around, because I messed up totally trying to draw a head upside down. And all the features (eyes, nose, mouth) should be closer to the chin and towards the left side of the face. I think that would fix it. ^_^
i keep forgetting about this place because the pics aren't posted as entries :o( but heres some stuff done very quickly with a sharpie(if it's too big i'll change it to just an address)

sorry im late on posting ;o)
i think this community is genius!