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Get Inspired - Weekly Figure Drawing & Art Jams
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This is an effort to recreate the wonderful Drawing Jam on Livejournal. Please use this as an opportunity to have a DOUBLE dose of figure drawing by participate both here and in the Drawing Jam.

All artists of different mediums, techniques, and skill levels are invited to participate! The goal of this community is to inspire artists to CREATE, either by posting topics to draw (think of the Batgirl meme) or by posting photos of models.

Also, if you find any good art jams on the web, please post them here. It's great to find new places to participate here.

How to partipate?
Post pictures of models for members to "visually interpret" in their own style. You are encouraged to post them as comments to the post, as well as comment on other artists' pictures. (If the picture has nudity, please post it behind a lj-cut). Post your own illustrations (as comments only! there's other illustration communities for posting your work...), but also please comment on other artists' work.

Constructive criticism is allowed, BUT do not limit your comments to "You suck." It must be CONSTRUCTIVE." Rude or degrading comment trolls will be removed. Artistic praise is always encouraged too! :)

This community is also for artists who have an open mind and a maturity level that can handle nudity. Many if not most of these photos will feature tasteful or artistic nudity, but nothing will be in the "pornographic" realm. (Though possibly sensual) Bare anatomy is a beautiful thing, and an excellent source for artistic study.

The photos posted here are being used typically without permission, but only for educational purposes. If one of your photos appears here and you would like it removed, please contact us ASAP.